martes, 13 de mayo de 2008


The brain is complicated enough on its own, but the sheer number of different disciplines that are interested in it and are studying it has produced thousands of bits of information. It is a wonder that order can be put to the mountain of data. Words used in one discipline often carry different meanings in others. Findings can become distorted through poor or incorrect interpretation and become unfortunate foundations or inaccurate rebuttals of theories that may take decades to be questioned and re-evaluated. Politicians or other public figures can oftentimes misinterpret or ignore findings to support or further a particular agenda, or stifle politically inconvenient research altogether. There is no need to be dispirited though! Scientists are like a dog with a bone. They keep gnawing away and sense is being made.

By Michael Gazzaniga: Edge 242 — April 10, 2008

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